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You guys...

Jai sent around another street team email. Apart from saying that the street team is gonna rock in the near future, foreward to the even radder stuff:

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Something With Numbers Instores

Something With Numbers have just finished their filmclip for 'On The Inside' the second single from their debut album 'Etiquette'. The video will be online shortly and will start getting serviced early into the new year, anyway the guys are going on a promo tour to play the new single in record stores. The dates and stores are below:

Monday 10th January
JBHIFI - The Galeries Victoria, 500 George Street, Sydney City 1230pm
(full band performance)

Wednesday 12th January
Sunflower Records - Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Broadbeach 1pm

Thursday 13th January
Skinnys Records - 85 Elizabeth St, Brisbane 1pm

Saturday 15th January
HMV Erina - Erina Fair 1pm

Wednesday 19th January
Gaslight Records - 85 Bourke st, Melbourne 1pm

Saturday 22nd January
Mall Music - Waringah Mall, Waringah 1pm

We ask that you try and get out to these instores and support the band, bring as many friends along as possible as they are all free and convert your pals into Something With Numbers fans!

- - - - - - - - -

MySpace is the cool thing to do now.


(add me if you are so inclined - http://profiles.myspace.com/users/4923829) ;)

Anyways, Happy New Year everyone.
Take care
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