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Boy Meets Ground, Kisschasy, The Scare

Hey guys. Everyone should keep posting in this community!! Here's my story of Mona Vale hotel on Saturday night, with Kisschasy!

I got there a little late so I only saw the end of Boy Meets Ground's set, but they were quite good I thought. It was a while after when The Scare set up and started playing. At this venue everyone tends to stand a few metres away from the "stage" area where the band play, but the singer gestured to us to come and stand right in front of them and create the crowd that way, which I thought was good, it's nice to be standing close to the action.

My friend and I got right down the front which was excellent. I'd never heard The Scare before, but damn they were awesome. (Does anyone know if they have a CD?) They went crazy, the singer was getting in the crowd and screaming in people's faces.. the guitarist broke strings and the strap came off his guitar in one song, so he was on the floor for half of it. The keyboard player was rocking so hard he knocked over his keyboards and his setup collapsed... he had to keep it up with his knee and then quickly fix it up. It was so much fun to watch, they are a great band.. if anyone has the chance to see The Scare, definately go.

After that, Kisschasy came on and started their set with "Anger Is The Brand New Thing", which was awesome. During their set they also played some new songs from their next album and they were sounding really good, it's going to be a rad album... i'm definately going to pick it up when it comes out (July?). They had a fun set, the singer was basically making fun of himself and The Scare (jokes about tight jeans anyone?) and saying he thought it was cool they were playing in a sports bar while there was a football game on tv. I can't remember what song they finished with, but halfway through the singer from The Scare ran up and grabbed the guitarists microphone and sang along with them, it was good fun. They played at Bondi last night which was the end of the tour before going to America. Everyone look foreward to the new album!

I got a few photo's of the show, so once I get them all done and scanned up i'll post them here for everyone...they should be good pics.

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On another note, did everyone get their Used tickets? I luckily got mine.

Oh and everyone should come to these shows, they are going to rock:

Bright Eyes
April 2 2005 at Metro

The Valley, The Reason, Winters Underground, Angelas Dish
April, 7 2005 at Spectrum
Oxford St, Sydney,
Cost: $8

Strung Out (USA), Useless ID (Israel), Frenzal Rhomb (Aus) + Knucklepuk (AUS) - FREE - AA
April 17th 2005 at Dee Why Beach
$0! 11am-7pm

Unearth, Norma Jean, Atreyu
10/11 May Gaelic Club

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Check out the Valley if you're coming to that show, they are my friends band and are going to do great - http://www.myspace.com/thevalley they have a demo up for download.

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