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This is the first and (to my knowledge) only community for Below Par Records, a Sydney-based indie record label.

Below Par Records is a record label. A record label started by 3 bright eyed teenagers who knew nothing about the music industry, nobody in the music industry but most importantly didnt care about the music industry. 3 years down the track, 2 of the owners are still teenagers, and Below Par Records is now a well known and respected indie label in Australia. Below Par Records is a record label run with a fresh perspective in such a jaded and somewhat dated industry, for example the guys actually enjoy the music that they release on their label! Now how crazy is that? Refusing to slow down the 3 guys(Jai, Matt and Mark) have just started a publishing arm, Below Par Publishing which is not just limited to Below Par Records artists either. I think the point of this little blurb is not to boast about what the label has achieved in such a short period of time but more to let you, the reader understand that the future is coming and if you think the history is impressive well you aint seen nuthin yet.

Below Par Records is distributed in Australia by Inertia Distribution Pty LTD and in Japan by CR Japan. Some of our releases are distributed by Eleven/EMI in Australia, New Zealand and Asia (excluding Japan).
(From the official site)

INTERNATIONAL: Brand New // Yellowcard // The Colour // Vaux // MC Lars // The Matches
LOCAL: In The Grey // Kisschasy // Last Years Hero // Something With Numbers

Below Par also street teams for these bands and supports their music:
Coheed and Cambria // Midtown

Also, add Below Par to your myspace!

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